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5 shortcomings of the iPhone 12 that you must know

5 shortcomings of the iPhone 12 that you must know

iPhone 12 is everyone's dream cellphone, many people crave this cellphone like pregnant people, you guys wkwkw ,, what are the advantages and disadvantages of iPhone 12 that you must know before you buy it,
Some shortcomings of the iPhone 12 cellphone that need to be known, in my opinion there are 5 disappointments on this one cellphone, namely as follows:

I don't need to explain it anymore ... I'm lazy to explain why, what if we don't have the money to buy goods or an iPhone 12, dream of you agreeing or not ???? if you agree, comment below yes ... it's clear if we don't have money, how do we buy it, as the saying goes: there is MONEY, my brother says there is no MONEY my brother tundeng.

I don't think I need to explain the judak, what is RP ... does anyone know the abbreviation of RP ???? If you know the comments below, let us share with each other, like me, booos hahaha, it's clear if we don't have RP, where can I sell iPhone 12 I want to give it to us wow. okay continue to the shortcomings of iphone 12.

Wkwkw for those of us who are KISMIS need to think 1000 x even more, because he is among the cellphones in this universe, of course the iPhone 12 is the most expensive, and whoever uses the iPhone 12 is like eating ODADING, IROMENT taste wkwkw agree, if not agree or not, hahaha, don't be emotional, read it hahaha.

Boarding house boy
Why do you want to buy iPhone 12 everything, it's hard to eat, just install noodles, I owe it here and there, use the style to buy iPhone 12, all the time, don't be offended ... that's all ... don't be angry, right there pay the debt first to the mother of KOS wkwkw, the important thing is to be enthusiastic and keep trying ,, can't afford to buy iPhone 12 later we will buy iPhone 13.

This is something that cannot be imitated, I advise you not to do it, we don't need to credit everything, we just buy as much as we can, if we can't afford it, it's better to just buy ODADING, wow those who agree to comment under it hahaha.

There are 5 shortcomings of iPhone 12 that you must know before buying it, don't be angry haha, what's more to cry because you can't afford to buy it, the important thing is we are grateful for what is already in ourselves and live what already exists ,,, one more, don't feel under, there are still many who are below us.
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