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KB5000842 Download

KB5000842 Windows 10 DOWNLOAD

1. First extract the cab from MSU using the following command (replace the package for KB5000842). Examples such as: windows extender 10 kb5000842-x64.msu / f: windows 10.0-KB5000842-x64.cab. (Destination path).

2. Then extract the SSU from the cabin to be extracted before you start this command line: expand windows 10.0-kb5000842-x64.cab/f:* (destination path).

3. You immediately have the SSU cabin, in this example named SSU-19041.903-x64.cab.slupstream the file to the image first, then the LCU.


Hardware that connects directly to Windows Update to receive updates is not affected. Jun is also included in the use of Windows Update for business. Every device that is already connected to Windows Update must receive the new SSU version and the latest Cumulative Update (LCU) Tampa What additional steps even.

If you are having trouble installing the OS (operating systems) using custom media that means you immediately install the new Microsoft Edge. If you need to deploy the new Microsoft Edge for your business, Lian download and implement Microsoft Edge for your business.

kb5000842 For windows 10 DOWNLOAD
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