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How To Fix Error 0x00000709 Printer

Error 0x00000709 Printer for windows and Mac

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When you want to print a document, Bang JaPri can't choose Canon's printer to print. Bang JaPri tried to set the Canon printer as the default printer, but came out on the error message screen 0x0000709 with the caption "Can't Set As Default Printer". The case of error 0x0000709 or Can't Set As Default Printer that occurs on the printer can be said to be a serious problem. this error does not lie with the printer, but this error lies in the Windows operating system and the cause is because there is more than 1 printer driver installed on an "old" Windows OS system (already installed a lot of software and data on the hard disk). The initial case is because the printer that was originally in the default setting has been uninstalled. However, when uninstalling the previous printer driver, it was not done in the right way, so some of the old printer drivers were still left on the Windows system. In the end, when we are going to set the new printer default it can't and an error message 0x0000709 appears. Here's how to solve the error 0x000000709 – Can't Set As Default Printer.

More :

1. Click Windows + R then type regedit.

2. In the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder, click Software, click Microsoft, click Windows NT, click CurrentVersion, click Windows.

3. Right click on Device then select Modify.

Ho To Fix Error 0x00000709 Printer
Ho To Fix Error 0x00000709 Printer
4. If you have deleted/changed the printer name on “Value data” Click OK

Error 0x00000709 Printer
Ho To Fix Error 0x00000709 Printer

5. Restart Your Computer

Update Repair Solution

If the above method does not work, read the latest solution update in the article below.
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