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Ping G410 Driver buy

Ping G410 Driver Shafts BUY

Ping g410 driver shaft is a technology where significant advances in riding can increase forgiveness and speed up major drivers of the G410 Plus and SFT drivers. Ping g410 plus has movable-weight technology that warms up specifically for you to simply drive your driver with the flight of the Ball you want so you can swing Tampa hesitantly or afraid to clamp down on more fairways.trajectory tuning 2.0 can expand lift and lie options using a new, patented eight-set lightweight hose.

Ping g410 plus
Ping G410 Driver plus

Motion weight

Using movable weight technology allows you to position your center of gravity to be able to control the flight of your Ball, putting the touring level mount in your hands.

Ping g410
Ping g410 pluss

CG location with costume

There are three positions that can be taken such as picture, neutral, faded. For the rear weighted Tungsten has an ultra high density shifting the location of the center of gravity (CG) from various neutral directions affecting the direction of the shot left or right. Weight which is suitable for positioning at extreme limits increases MOI to increase ball speed and the ability to be able to teeing you longer and straighter forward.

Ping plus
Ping g410 pluss

Shaft-Fitting Options

Pings on tour 65 or 75 work higher (low, low rev, stable), black x evenflow 75 (low glide, low rev) project. whiteness and ensures the axle mounting option to suit the launch conditions of all golfers.

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