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We live in a world full of busy schedules and getting education cannot be limited to traditional schedules. We need flexibility and that’s what you get with WCC Online – 24/7 access. Don’t let anyone hold you from getting your certificate or degree. We have more than 25 programs and more than 100 courses that you can complete 100% online. With quality instructions at affordable prices, there is no better time to start your trip to a better future!

Whether you are looking for a degree or certificate, improved skills, or courses that count for middle school and college, you will find the flexibility you need to achieve your goals.

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Fall 2021 semester sessions

Explore Online Academic Learning

We offer more than 28 degrees and certificate programs and more than 100 online courses. There are 2 formats that suit your needs:


Courses can be accessed online 24/7, so you can learn during lunch breaks, when children fall asleep, or anytime the best for you.

Course by request

Virtual class

Virtual class experience is unique in design to enable students to engage in traditional class discussions in the virtual environment. The class is scheduled at the specified time, just like a direct course. Depending on your learning style, you might prefer this structured approach to the course on request.

Virtual class courses

Interested in taking online courses but not sure it’s suitable? This recorded webinar will help you understand and preview the two types of courses available and study best practices to help you become successful online students.

Interesting program field

See all our academic online programs to learn more.

Want to know about the WCC online experience? Break the peek now!

Learn more about Covid-19 safety requirements and guidelines to protect our campus community.

Parents find why WCC is a smart choice for your students!

Ready for online learning?

Taking online courses is different from traditional class settings, but if you are motivated and focus on your destination, you will be fine!

WCC Online offers a lot of resources to support your education, including:

We are committed to your success.

No matter the style of learning your choice, WCC Online has an option to help you succeed.

In 2018, according to people in high learning, the national percentage of students who took at least one online course was 34.7%. WCC is above an average of 35%. WCC continues to be a leader in online learning, offers quality and affordability instructions.

You can succeed in online learning! If you are motivated, have good time management skills, and commit to seeing tasks through, then online learning is most likely suitable for you!

At WCC we offer two formats for online learning. So, do you need a flexibility to complete tasks during the day, night or weekend, or prefer the specified schedule and a more collaborative and interactive environment, we can meet your needs.

Take our self-assessment to help you decide whether online learning is a good choice for you.

Start the minimum assessment of requirements to take online courses:

* Operating system: MacOS x 10.5 or higher, Windows Vista or higher, ChromeOS

* Memory: 4GB RAM (8GB RAM or more highly recommended)

* Screen resolution is set to 1280×1024

* Broadband internet access speed / high-speed 2 Mbps Download, upload 750 kbps

* Webcam: One of the following is acceptable:

* Embedded computer webcam

* Webcam installed externally

* Smartphone or tablet with a camera

Note: For smartphones or tablets: download applications such as Zoom or Microsoft Team may be needed

Classes with virtual prostors use behavior:

* Access to a computer, laptop or chromebook needed. Check will not function on cellular devices or tablets

* To check your system for virtual project needs: check system check

Here are some of the best practices you have to do for online learning.

# 1: Create a personal learning room.

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