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4 Factors That Can Encourage Employee Work Motivation

Motivation is a process in which needs encourage a person to carry out a series of activities that lead to the achievement of certain goals, if successful are achieved, will satisfy or fulfill these needs.

Motivation is the giving or arising of motives, and things or circumstances that give rise to motives, so work motivation is something that creates enthusiasm or work motivation, where the strength or weakness of a worker’s work motivation helps determine the size of the achievement. Here are 4 factors that can encourage employee motivation:

1. General Purpose of Work

The purpose of working really determines how long you can stay in the company, as well as how much they can grow in the company. This goal could be whether you are only pursuing a material and financial perspective. Then do you work because you want to gain experience or other things. Therefore, as an employee, you must be able to set goals at work, because this is very influential, both in the short and long term in working and staying in a company.

2. Personal Goals

Everyone has a purpose in life for their own person. Personal goals (personal goals) are a measure for individuals to do something and become idealism in living life. People with strong personal goals will have more ambition in doing a job. This also applies to employees. Employees with clear personal goals such as wanting to become experts in a field, becoming an official or company leader will usually show more significant performance than people who don’t understand what they want in their career.

3. Appropriate Salary

Being an important motivation for employees in the company is the salary they get. The purpose of work is how a person makes money in order to meet their needs. Therefore, salary is an important motivation for employees. Not only that, the salary must also be in accordance with the duties and functions, if the job requires skills and expertise in a high field, then the salary must meet predetermined criteria.

4. Corporate Culture

What is meant by corporate culture here? It is a form of habit and is carried out continuously which will shape the interaction patterns and social conditions of a company. This corporate culture is usually created and strongly influenced by the head of the company leadership. Good leadership from company leaders will provide motivation for employees. In addition, this culture is created with the vision and mission, as well as the values ​​created and held by the company, which will automatically influence the mindset and attitude of all the human resources in the company. So that this will affect the conditions and ways of interacting with the people in the company.

That is the explanation of the understanding of factors that can encourage employee motivation to work, hopefully useful.

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