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5 Email Marketing Services Unlimited Emails At 4

“The best mediums through which you can drive more customer to your store & enhance your business revenue is via email marketing services.”

You might have come across some moments where you have to send emails to a bulk of ids. But It is way too time as well as efforts consuming. But what if you get to know about some other effortless techniques.

Yes! There is one!

Through email marketing tools, you can send emails to a bulk of ids within a single click. Also, they come with multiple templates which can also groom the content of your email in a much better way.

That’s why here is the list of the best email marketing service providers through which you can design attractive & stunning emails quickly and send them to your customer in bulk.

> Even there are some tools mentioned in this article which also comes with the feature of email list cleaning. So you will send emails to only valid & genuine ids which will eventually increase the success rate of your marketing. Isn’t it interesting?

Even, you can also track the performance of your marketing campaign with ease. All you have to do is to read this article with an open mind & opt for the best tool according to your needs!

Before choosing an email marketing tool there are a few things that you should keep in mind:-

  • Cost

  • Ease of use

  • Features & Functionality

  • Customer Support

On the basis of this, we have designed a comparison table of 5 best email marketing services.

Comparison Of Email Marketing Services

Services Monthly Plan No. Of Emails Responsive Templates SMTP Pabbly Email Marketing $29 Unlimited Yes (500+ For Free) Inbuilt SMTP MailGet $29 Unlimited Yes Multiple SMTP SendinBlue $25 40,000 Yes SendinBlue SMTP Pepipost $17.5 Unlimited Yes Multiple SMTP MailChimp $10 Unlimited Yes MailChimp SMTP Mailjet $9.65 30,000 Yes No

Let’s take a look at some of the best email marketing services and choose one according to your budgets & business demands:-

Pabbly Email Marketing is one of the most popular email marketing software that you can use for promotional campaigns. This tool allows you to send unlimited emails to your list of subscribers in a single click.

It is used and trusted by thousands of giant companies like Avaya, the guardian, ISKCON, Cisco, and many others.


Free: Pabbly Email Marketing offers a free trial to their customers where one can connect 3 SMTPs and explore Pabbly Email Marketing.

Rookie: – The paid plan starts from just $29/mo in which the user can convey unlimited emails to 5,000 customers.

Pro:- The Pro plan costs $49 on a monthly basis where you can send limitless emails to 15,000 subscribers at a time.

Advance:- At last, here comes the plan in which you can send emails to subscribers ranging from 50,000 to 10,00,000 at just $99/m0 & $1599/mo respectively.


Design Eye-Catchy Templates

Design an eye-catchy email newsletter easily with drag & drop builder. You can also choose pre-built layout, themes and customize them according to the business demands.

Track Your Performance

With Pabbly Email Marketing, you can track the outcomes as well as the performance of your every campaign. And, it gives a report that will show you how many emails were delivered, how many recipients opened the emails, which email addresses bounced & why, the percentage of the clicked and much more.

Autoresponder Email

The amazing feature of Pabbly Email Marketing is autoresponder through which you can connect with the customer at the same point in time when they contact you.

After doing all the research on email marketing software I found Pabbly Email Marketing– one of the perplexing marketing automation tool. Run the number of email campaigns with the software and get amazing open & click rates.

As I have got 43.64% on promotional emails & 99% on transactional emails of my last campaign. So, try the service and get the outstanding results.

2. MailGet | Grow Your Business

MailGet is an incredible email marketing service that lets you design impressive email templates easily through drag & drop editor. With the software, you can connect multiple SMTP like Amazon SES, Mailgun, Postmark, SendGrid, Mailjet, Mandrill and others.


Starters:- MailGet is the cheapest email marketing software in the market. It starts their plan $0/mo where one can explore MailGet.

Rookie:- This plan costs $29/mo in which you can send limitless emails to 5,000 customers in a month.

Pro:- This package charges $49 monthly which allows one to send emails to 15,000 subscribers. Also, you can connect unlimited SMTP services with your account.

Advance:- The Advance plan’s charge ranges from $99/mo to $1599/mo for subscribers from 50,000 to 1,000,000 respectively. Also, you will get the feature of list cleaning through which you can verify your subscriber list. Then, you will only be able to send emails to only valid & genuine ids.


Manage Your List

MailGet provides list management feature by which you can manage email list and contact data in a proper way. It automatically removes invalid email address & unsubscribed users from the contact list.

Schedule Your Emails

With this email marketing tool, you can schedule your emails that will be sent to the recipient inbox at the right time.

Get Stunning Emails For Free

The software gives 500+ email newsletters for free that anyone can use and customize them according to the business needs and requirements.

I have tried a number of email marketing tool but found MailGet is the cheapest one among other tools.

The best thing about the software is that it allows you to send unlimited emails at $29. I have been using MailGet for last 2 years, and I am pretty happy with the performance of email campaign.

Click Here For More Details

3. HubSpot Email Marketing

With HubSpot Email Marketing, you can create professional marketing emails that engage and grow your audience. With the easy drag-and-drop email builder, you don’t need to wait on IT or designers for help.

On top of the email tool, you can use the forever-free HubSpot CRM to create tailored touch-points for your customers. HubSpot Email Marketing is automatically connected with the HubSpot CRM, so you can tailor relevant emails based on any details you have — such as form submissions and website activity.

Using the CRM, you can include personalized content in your emails, like first name and company name, to ensure your contacts feel like they are being personally addressed, all while tracking email activity in the CRM.


* Free: The HubSpot Email Marketing tool is free for up to 2,000 email sends per month.

* Starter: Upgrade solutions start at $50 with the Marketing Hub Starter. With this plan, you can send up to 5X contact tier email send limit, based on the number of contacts you have in your HubSpot CRM. Say if you have 1000 contacts, and upgrade to Marketing Starter, you can send 5 times that number in sends so email marketing send limit per month will be 5000.

* Professional: With the Professional plan, at $800/month, you can send up to 10x contact tier email send limit per month.

* Enterprise: With the Enterprise plan, at $3200/month, you can send up to 10x contact tier email send limit per month, plus you get access to many additional features.


Beautiful Templates & Drag-and-drop editor

Create, personalize, and optimize your marketing emails without waiting for designers or IT. You can get started with one of our goal-based email templates, or choose from dozens of templates in our marketplace that are proven to convert.

Personalize emails to get more opens and clickthroughs.

You can use an email subscriber’s lifecycle stage, list membership, or any information in their contact records to automatically serve up the most relevant subject lines, content, links, attachments, and calls-to-action.

Optimize email campaigns with A/B tests and analytics.

Use A/B tests to uncover the subject lines that get the most opens and the content and calls-to-action that earn you better engagement rates and more sales.

Click Here For More Details

4. SendinBlue:-

Another well-known mass mailing service that is perfect for any type of business is SendinBlue. It lets you create astonishing email newsletters through which you can grab the attention of the customer and increase the revenue of your business.


Free Plan:- Under the free plan, you can send 9000 emails to unlimited contacts in a month.

Lite Plan:- The lite plan is perfect for new marketer where you have to pay $25/mo in which you can send 40,000 emails to unlimited subscribers.

Essential Plan:- The plan will charge you $39/mo for 60,000 emails. Plus, you will get additional statistics and can remove Sendinblue logo from the bottom of the emails.

Premium Plan:- Under the premium plan, you will get different pricing quotes:-

* $66/mo for 120,000 emails

* $173/mo for 350,000 emails

* $334/mo for 750,000 emails

* $603/mo for 3 million emails

Enterprise Plan:- For enterprise plan, you have to contact Sendinblue sales team.


Open & Click-Through Reports

Sendinblue provides a report where you can see click-through per contact, number of customers that have opened your mail, location & device name where your emails were opened and clicked.


The templates which are created by Sendinblue is 100% responsive and look perfect on any device.

Social Sharing:-

With a few clicks, you can share your marketing campaign on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.

Click Here For More Details

5. Pepipost:-

Pepipost is a suite of tools for multi-channel marketing automation. It allows to turn cold traffic into brand advocates at scale with event-driven campaigns and highly personalized experiences. All can be done visually without writing a single line of code. This is one of the most preferred email marketing service.


It has a custom plan, you can choose according to your requirement. However, it provides 30,000 emails free for first 30 days.


* Drag & Drop Email Builder – A full featured, drag-and-drop email builder allows you to setup professional emails super fast.

* Massive Personalization – Every message you send to your contacts uses Platformly advanced personalization functions so you can precisely customize the content of an individual email for each of your subscribers and their situation.

* Stay In Touch With Your Audience – You can send simple followup email campaigns, broadcasts to full segments or one-off emails to individual customers, triggered by specific events like making a purchase, or anything else you can think of.

6. SendPulse:-

SendPulse is a rising star among email marketing services. Packing an array of features essential to successful marketers, this platform delivers on every level be it a subscription form builder, email template editor or a multichannel communication approach.


A basic free plan offers emails to 2.500 subscribers or emails per month. Paid plans get as cheap as $7.88 per month if billed yearly.


* * Create message flows triggered by your customers’ actions incorporating a multichannel approach with emails, SMS and web push notifications.

* Intuitive drag and drop email builder allows you to create professional-looking emails.

* Custom built subscription forms allow you to collect your customers’ contact data.

* Capture leads and grows your mailing list.

* Design emails like a pro.

* Automated messages.

* Facebook chatbot.

Click Here For More Details

7. Mailjet:-

Mailjet is a wondrous email marketing tool for professional bloggers, marketer, & e-commerce. They offer a wide range of advanced features through which you can manage the entire email marketing campaign.


Free Plan:- Mailjet free plan offers 30 days free trial where one can send 6000 emails in one month and 200 emails in a day.

Bronze Plan:- Under the bronze plan, you would be charged $7.49 per month for 30,000 emails.

Crystal Plan:- For the crystal plan, you have to pay $27.95/mo for 60,000 emails.

Silver Plan:- The cost of the silver plan is $74.95 where the user can send 150,000 emails in a month.

Gold Plan:- The gold plan has cost $166.95 in which you can send 350,000 in a single month.

Platinum Plan:- In the platinum plan, you can send 750,000 email in a month by just paying $333.95.

Diamond Plan:- The charges for the diamond plan is $666.95/mo for 2500,000 emails.

Enterprise Plan:- For more than 2.5M emails, you need to contact Mailjet sales team.


Ready Made Templates

Mailjet provides a number of premade professional templates that you can use and customize according to your business niches which don’t require any programming skills.

Know Your Customer

Segment your email address with Mailjet and get to know more about the customer behavior & interest that will help in your marketing campaigns.

Upload & Manage Contact List

Upload a contact list which is in.CSV, TXT or XLS format and the system will automatically filter & merge duplicate email addresses.

Click Here For More Details

8. MailChimp:-

MailChimp is a powerful & world largest marketing automation tool for any kind of firm – from small-scale business to big online retailers. It came up with the advanced features like A/B testing, reports, advanced segmentation etc.


Forever Free Plan:- A free version is an ideal option for those businesses which have 2000 or fewer subscriber and a number of emails sent in a month are less than 12000.

Growing Business Plan:-

* $20/mofor subscribers.

* $25/mo for subscribers

* $30/mo for subscribers

* $35/mo for subscribers

Pro Marketer:-If you purchase pro marketer plan, then you have to pay $199 for pro subscription + cost which is based on the number of subscribers.

For example:- If you have 10,000 subscribers then the total amount you have to pay is-

$199 + $75 = $274/mo


$199 + $150= $349/mofor 20,000 subscribers.

$199 + $215 = $ 414/mo for 30,000 subscribers.


Drag & Drop Email Builder

With drag & drop builder, you can create attractive and responsive email templates in a few seconds, simply just drag the required field that you want to add in the template.


MailChimp offers hundred of app integration like Salesforce, Eventbrite, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, SurveyMonkey and a lot more.

Email Tracking

With the help of email tracking, you can monitor and analyze the performance of each marketing campaign. It shows you how many recipients opened your mail, how many users clicked on the link, how many unsubscribed your marketing campaign and much more.

Click Here For More Details


Above mentioned top email marketing tools will help you in marketing campaigns through which you can generate leads and also convert the leads into the potential customer.

Even some of the tools allow you to clean your mailing list into a list of only genuine & correct email ids. And yes, sending email to these ids will definitely increase the click rate of your notifications.

So just finalize the best email marketing tool according to your needs & its services!

For any queries or suggestions, just comment below & we’ll reply soon!

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