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Affordable Insurance Policies For Massachusetts

When residents, drivers, and business owners across Massachusetts need affordable insurance that won’t skimp on coverage, A-Affordable Insurance is there to help. Since 1984, we’ve served communities throughout the state with reliable, comprehensive, and affordable insurance policies – regardless of driving record, insurance policy payment history, or previously canceled insurance.

Coverage for Many Needs

Stop worrying about whether you have enough insurance coverage. No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen, and it pays to be prepared with the right policies in place. With A-Affordable Insurance on your side, you can ensure you’re protected against potential liabilities and expenses with our lineup of insurance options, which includes:

Insurance for drivers

* Auto insurance: You never know what can happen on the road. Protect yourself and your passengers with our policies that encompass collision and comprehensive coverage, bodily injury and property damage liability, and much more.

* Motorcycle insurance: Ride the open roads with less worry when you have the right amount of coverage in the event of accidents or when you want to make upgrades with aftermarket parts.

* Commercial auto insurance: Business owners can protect their commercial vehicles, employees, goods, and themselves against liabilities or expenses resulting from accidents, as well as obtain coverage for any lost goods inside the vehicles.

* Recreational vehicle (RV) insurance: Whether your toy of choice belongs in the water or on land, it’s important to protect your investment with the right RV policy and ensure your expenses and liabilities will be covered when accidents occur.

* Roadside assistance: For added peace of mind on your travels, we offer Nation Safe Driver Auto Club roadside assistance services that are on call 24/7.

Insurance for homeowners and renters

* Homeowners insurance: With the right policy, you can cover damage to your home’s structure and the items inside, whether caused by theft, fire, or the infamous New England weather.

* Condo insurance: Secure protection against potential liabilities and expenses incurred inside your unit to be prepared for unexpected circumstances like fire, water damage, vandalism, and more.

* Renters insurance: When an unexpected accident occurs in your rented home, it pays to be prepared with the right policy in place that will cover your possessions, medical expenses, and liabilities relating to guest injuries.

* Flood insurance and earthquake insurance: Damage from these natural disasters is not covered in standard homeowners policies, but it’s smart to have this coverage, as floods and earthquakes are unpredictable.

* Other types of coverage: Insure valuable collections, jewelry, firearms, and much more with replacement cost insurance and cover any uninsured liability with an umbrella policy.

Insurance for business owners

* Business insurance: Business owners can protect their assets and ensure their liabilities are covered when accidents arise with the right policy. We also help our clients determine whether they need additional general liability coverage.

Making Insurance Convenient and Affordable

For over 30 years, A-Affordable Insurance has been dedicated to making commensurable coverage as affordable as possible for everyone in Massachusetts. We’re also committed to making the process as convenient as possible with the following:

* On-site registry service so clients can avoid a visit to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV)

* Ability to purchase insurance over the phone

* Extended customer service hours

* No appointment necessary to discuss and purchase coverage

* Opportunities to combine and save, take advantage of discounts, and more

To get started with A-Affordable Insurance today, contact us at SAVES (72837) or visit a location near you.

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