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Anonymous Car Insurance Quotes Everything You Need To Know

Anonymous Car Insurance Quotes Everything You Need To Know
Anonymous Car Insurance Quotes Everything You Need To Know

Anonymous Car Insurance Quotes Everything You Need To Know - An anonymous car insurance quote is a quote that you can get without submitting any personal information. Some customers prefer getting an anonymous quote because they don’t have to deal with insurance agents.

Anonymous Car Insurance Quotes: The Basics

An insurance quote can help you decide which type of coverage is right for you. This coverage can include low deductibles, full coverage with collision and comprehensive insurance, rideshare insurance, commercial insurance, or a low-mileage policy. As Insurify points out, it can be difficult to obtain an anonymous car insurance quote that’s reliable. Insurance companies use your driving history and other personal details to determine how risky it is to insure you. Without that information, they can’t calculate an accurate quote.

According to Insurify, there are two types of insurance quotes – nonguaranteed and guaranteed. A nonguaranteed quote is calculated using premium averages for a group of drivers with similar demographics. You don’t have to provide personal information to get a nonguaranteed quote. However, nonguaranteed quotes tend to be wildly inaccurate. Also, keep in mind that it’s called a nonguaranteed quote because the insurance provider doesn’t have to follow through on it. If you go ahead and get an insurance policy based on a nonguaranteed quote, you’ll very likely end up paying more than what you were quoted.

If you’re serious about shopping around for the best car insurance rates, you’ll want to get a guaranteed quote. A guaranteed quote is one that the insurance company will actually follow through on when you purchase a policy. It’s also the most accurate way to compare quotes from a variety of providers. Because a guaranteed quote is custom-built for you, you’ll have to provide personal information to get an accurate quote.

What Information Is Necessary To Generate a Quote?

According to The Zebra, an insurance company usually needs the following information to calculate an accurate car insurance quote:

* Your driver’s license number. If you’re adding additional drivers to the policy, you’ll need to provide their license numbers too.

* The vehicle identification number (VIN) for the vehicle you’re insuring.

* Your date of birth. The company will also need the dates of birth for any additional drivers you want to add to the policy.

* Your home address. If you keep your vehicle in a parking garage instead of at home, you’ll need to provide the garaging address.

* Your current insurance information.

* Your gender.

* Your auto insurance history, including any gaps in coverage or policy cancelations.

* Your credit score (if you live in a state that allows insurance companies to use your credit score.)

Depending on the insurance company, you may need to provide additional information, such as how many miles you typically drive in a month or what you use your vehicle for. These details give an insurance company a good idea of how risky it would be to provide you with insurance.

How To Get an Anonymous Quote

As The Balance notes, in some cases, it’s impossible to get an anonymous car insurance quote. Several companies require you to provide your driver’s license number before they even start calculating a quote. On the other hand, some companies let you start the quote process by providing your ZIP code. They’ll also ask for your date of birth, vehicle make/model, and driving history. The more accurate information you give, the more reliable the quote you’ll get. After the insurance company calculates your quote, you’ll get a quote number that you can use if you decide to buy a policy from that particular company.

If you want to get a quote without providing any information to an insurance company, AutoInsurance.org recommends that you use a comparison website. When you use a comparison website, you’ll still need to provide some general information, such as your ZIP code. However, you’ll get quotes from multiple companies at one time, so you only have to create one profile.

Keep in mind that an anonymous quote doesn’t include essential factors that might cause your actual premium to cost more than what you were anonymously quoted. You might also be missing out on discount information that could help you determine what policy is best for you. According to The Balance, these important factors include:

* Your vehicle specifics. If you drive a luxury car, sports car, or another pricey vehicle, your premium will cost more than the anonymous quote. On the flip side, an anonymous quote can’t tell you what discounts you might qualify for if you have a car alarm or other safety devices installed on your car.

* Your driving record specifics. A superficial estimation tool will miss the details of your driving record, such as whether you’ve received citations or been involved in any accidents. These violations almost always result in a premium increase. For example, a driver who gets a DUI can expect their premium to increase by 25 percent. An anonymous quote tool also won’t tell you what discounts you might receive if you maintain a clean driving record or complete a defensive driver course.

How To Protect Your Personal Information

As The Zebra points out, whether you’re getting an anonymous quote or purchasing a policy, you’re going to have to provide some personal information. At some point in the quote gathering process, the insurance company will ask you for your email, and some may ask for your phone number. While these details have nothing to do with calculating your insurance rates, your provider does need a way to contact you to activate your policy and send you important information.

Insurify recommends that you create a “burner” email when shopping for car insurance quotes. This is a valid email address that you’ll use only for contacting insurance companies. Creating a “burner” email will protect your primary email account from receiving spam from companies you’ve requested a quote from. When you decide on the company you want to purchase a policy from, you can provide them with your real email address and deactivate your “burner” account. That way, other insurance companies won’t be able to contact you.

If you use a comparison website, make sure it’s one that doesn’t have a reputation for making spam follow-up phone calls. That’s a common complaint from quote shoppers.

Check this out if you need additional information, resources, or guidance on car insurance.

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