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Best tips for buying discount tires

Best tips for buying discount tires
Best tips for buying discount tires

If you want to save a bit of money but still be able to have good wheels, then you need to look for discount tires. Doing so not only saves you quite a bit of money, it also helps you save the planet because you are recycling. The reality is that every tire that is thrown away is a little bit of pollution on our planet, and you can do something about that. Of course, the most important thing with tires is that they are of high quality so that you will be safe when driving. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to purchase good quality discount tires. If you’re not careful, you could end up with tires with terrible patching, bubbles, thin spots, or uneven wear. The following tips will help you to avoid such.

Best Tips For Buying Discount Tires:

First of all, you have to make sure that you check on the tire size that you need. Your owner’s manual will tell you which size is right for your car or, if you have lost that, it will be on the door panel on the driver’s side of your vehicle. If, when you check this, you find that the current size of your tires is actually wrong, then you really need to start looking for discount tires to help you avoid later problems.

Secondly, you need to check for uneven wear. When a tire wears down unevenly, one side will look flatter than the other. Sometimes, it is not as simple to spot, however. Hence, you need to make sure that you run your hands on the tires you are considering buying to make sure you can feel whether the tread dips and rises anywhere. Don’t be hesitate to check this several times, just to be sure.

Next, you have to check the tires’ inside parts. Try to find out whether the tire has been repaired in the past. If it has, it will have patches in place. If there are lots of these signs, don’t buy the tire and choose another one instead. If the tire is basically like a sieve, you won’t really save any money because you can guarantee that it will blow up again soon. Not only does this mean that you will have to go out and buy new tires again, it also means that you could put yourself, your passengers, and other road users in considerable danger.

Next, you need to look for the tread depth. Take a penny and turn it upside down, slipping it in between the tire’s treads. If the tire is used, the tread won’t be as deep as it would be on a new tire, but so long as it comes at least to the top of Lincoln’s head, you should be fine. Anything shallower than that is a potential risk.

There is also a change that tires tear, and you need to check for this. Simply run your hand over the tire’s bead, which is the inner edge. On a good used tire, you will find that the bead is smooth. If you feel some rips on the beads, it means that the tire is struggling to seal along its rim.

Last but not least, you should avoid any tires that have dry rot signs, even if they still have a very deep tread. This is because dry rot reduces traction and this can lead to the tire blowing up. That is one of the most dangerous things that could happen to you while driving.

Identifying Good Discount Tires Stores:

Before you buy discount tires, you do also have to make sure that you inspect where you are buying them from. The shop should be highly reputable and have no problems with you checking and inspecting the tires that they have on offer. So how do you find out whether they are good or not?

The first thing is location. There are many discount tire stores in small towns and villages, which are usually family-owned businesses that have been there for years. These are usually very trustworthy, because they depend on their reputation that stretches well outside of the borders of the town in which they are located. If you find a store that has been around for at least five years or so, then you can pretty much trust the idea that they offer good quality tires.

However, the vast majority of tire stores are found alongside the highways, motorways, and freeways. They are in the very locations where many cars pass by, in the hopes that someone will decide to buy on the spur of the moment, or find themselves in a situation where they have to buy, because they have a burst tire. Unfortunately, many of those stores are a lot less trustworthy, because they are more opportunistic in nature. Make sure, therefore, that you find plenty of positive reviews from genuine people who have used the service. Look for these reviews on third party, independent websites such as Yelp or the Better Business Bureau.

Similarly, there are now many online stores that offer discount tires. It is quite easy to check whether these sites have a good reputation or not, because their website should link to the various positive reviews they have received. What is more difficult, however, is checking whether you will get good tires or not, since you have to rely on pictures. Hence, if you do decide to purchase online, make sure that the store has an excellent return policy in place that means you get your money back if there is anything wrong with the tires.

Last but not least, you do need to make sure that your tires are fitted properly as well. This means that they should be adjusted and calibrated the right way so that they give you the greatest traction and comfort while on the road. Many stores will offer this as part of a package deal, meaning that if you purchase your tires there, they will fit them for free.


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