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Canon TS3322 Setup & Driver Download

Canon TS3322 Setup Download

Canon TS3322 Setup Download

Canon ts3322 setup Mac.If you print and scan files wirelessly using your Canon TS 3322 Printer, you must visit ij.star.com/ts3322 and do the printer wireless setup. First, you must connect the printer to a wireless network first and install the software and application drivers. on your device to get the best printing experience with Canon. In this article, we will help you with a simple troubleshooting that can help you complete ij, star.com / ts3322 and complete the setup for your printer to take advantage of the best printing.

IJ Canon All-In-One printer that allows users to be able to print, scan and copy files without any problem. To be able to use the Canon pixma ts3322 printer, users must complete printer setup by linking ij.star.com/ts3322. Setting up the printer is a task very simple, read through and follow the easy instructions to finish setting up the Canon Pixma TS3322 printer for your device.

IJ start setting you press the physical WPS button for IJ STAR Canon Setup TS3322. For more details you can check the user manual.

1. must use the WPA or WPA2 network security protocol.

2. check the wireless connection settings on your device.

3. check that your WIFI router is in your printer area. The WPS button should be pressed.

4. then you are required to click the colored button.

5. Now you press the wireless button until you see the light is on.

6. once again you press the color button and the confirmation light is ON and the wireless light is blinking.

7. After that, you must press the wireless router button for about 2 minutes, the blue wifi light will flash and when looking for the WIFI power light will flash when making a connection to the access point.

8. After the Canon ij.star printer succeeds in making a connection to the wifi network, the wifi and power lights will stop blinking and are constant. the network light will turn on.

Confirm network settings

You must check and make sure that your printer is on. Load A4 size paper or letter size paper or whatever, make sure you don't put your $$ MONEY into the printer. Then press the WIFI button and hold it until the wifi starts up. After that,

1.  release the button.

2. then press the color button.

3. press the WIFI button.

4. press the color button again.

Information pages will be printed automatically

Download the drivers and printer software, you can use the CD you already have with your printer, if you don't have the Driver CD, I've prepared the complete LINK driver below this article, you just have to download for free and adjust it to the OS you are currently using .

So, this is a very simple guide that can help you troubleshoot Canon Pixma TS3322 wireless problems on your device. All the instructions we describe are very easy to run. However, if you still have problems you can contact a colleague or an expert whenever you want and follow their suggestions to complete the Printer setup process.

Canon TS3322 Setup

Free Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma TS3322


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