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Forensic Science Course

About the Level 3 Forensic Science Certificate
When science is applied to criminal and civil law, we call it forensic science. Thanks to TV programs such as CSI, careers in forensic science are becoming increasingly fashionable. However, what the TV doesn’t tell you is that experts in forensics must be rigorously disciplined, have a sharp eye for detail and possess an analytic mind capable of noticing minute elements.

If this sounds like something you might be good at, the Level 3 Forensic Science Certificate could help you towards your career goals. When you study an online forensic science course with learndirect, you undertake six individual modules. These distance learning units cover everything from crime scene equipment to crime scene analysis techniques. The programme also teaches students how to investigate computer-based electronic evidence.

Who should study this course?
This course has been designed for individuals who want to work towards a forensics related career or pursue further study in a forensics related discipline. This qualification is also suitable for learners who want to nurture a personal interest in the field.

As with all our home study courses here at learndirect, you do not need prior qualifications to enrol. All we ask is that you have an interest in forensic science, access to the internet, and the motivation to engage in home learning.

What happens after this course?
On successful completion of this distance learning course, students will be well versed in the basics of forensic science. They will be able to carry out a range of chemical, biological and physical techniques when they are applied to forensic analysis.

With this knowledge in hand, students may choose to embark on further study. Students who wish to become forensic scientists will first need a university degree. A distance learning qualification like this one will certainly help on the journey towards higher education.

Alternatively, students may choose to enter employment immediately after the course. This qualification could prepare you to apply for a number of supporting forensic roles. Jobs available to professionals who have studied forensic science include:

  • Forensic scientist
  • Forensics lab support assistant
  • Toxicologist

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