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How to use and find free promo codes

Free promo codes have become quite popular over the past few years. Stores offer promotional discounts on everything from purchases to shipping and many consumers vow not to purchase unless they are using such a discount. Finding promo codes can be difficult if one is not familiar with the concept, but it can be done. Many consumers have found it very lucrative to search for free promo codes for everything from groceries to vacations.

Why Stores Offer Promo Codes:

Stores want your business. Therefore, they are going to do whatever they can do to get that business. One way to do that is by offering free promo codes that give you discounts on the things that they want you to buy. By offering online coupon codes for a percentage off your purchase, a free product or even free shipping, those stores hope to entice consumers to purchase from them as opposed to buying from their competitors.

What Discounts Can You Get?

Nearly every online store has some sort of discount. Many offer free shipping for orders over a specified dollar amount while others give you a percentage off of your order. You may find discount codes for anywhere from five to over 50 percent off of a purchase, depending on the store and their marketing goals. The coupon codes may be offered on a banner on the store’s website or in an email or you may find them on various coupon sides.

Why Use Promo Codes

Of course, the reason that you would want to use free promo codes is to save money. Millions of consumers search for ways to cut down on their daily costs. These numbers increase during specific times of the year such as over the holidays. Saving money is something that most attempt to do and promo codes can certainly help with that.

How To Use Free Promo Codes:

When you are shopping online and are ready to checkout, you may see a box in the cart or during your checkout. This box can be labeled as a promo code box or it may bear another name such as offer, gift, coupon or discount code. It is in this box where you will type in the promo code that you have obtained and the shopping cart software from the store will automatically deduct your discount from your purchase amount. Just as if you were using paper coupons at the grocery store, the amount is subtracted for you and you are left with the actual amount that you need to pay.

How To Read Free Promo Codes:

You will notice a wide variation in how free promo codes are listed. Most are typically in all capital letters and they give some inclination of the discount that they are providing. For instance, a promo code that is offering free shipping for purchases over $45 would likely be listed as FREESHIP45. Not all promotional codes however are going to make sense. Some of them may simply be a sequence of random numbers and it is important that the codes are input into the discount code box precisely as they appear. Otherwise they will not work properly. It is often a good idea to simply copy and paste the code into the box to ensure that you enter it correctly.

How To Know If Your Discount Was Applied:

It is important that you make sure to apply your discount code when prompted and before you submit your order. You may want to check to ensure that the code was applied to your order before you complete your checkout. On some occasions, a particular product may not be eligible for a discount or the code that you are putting in may have become invalid. Most websites will alert you of these issues so that you know why your code is not working. Most online stores will show the discount applied as you proceed with your order, which is why you should double check before completing your checkout to make certain that the code was applied.

How To Make Free Promo Codes Work For You:

In order to capitalize on the use of free promo codes, you have to do your research. When you are shopping online, you will want to check to see if there is a free coupon code for the store you are shopping or the product that you are purchasing. Taking a few extra minutes to check for coupon codes will help you to save the most money when you are shopping and it is something that literally only takes a few minutes to check. Take some time to compare products at different stores and even to compare those stores to see which ones offer the most discount. Note that there may be minimum purchase requirements for some discounts so a store offering a seemingly smaller discount may actually be your better choice if it saves you from having to spend more in order to receive the discount.

Using Multiple Codes:

Some stores may allow you to use more than one discount code, which means that you will enjoy an even bigger discount. If you are looking for the ability to use multiple codes, you will need to check each store to determine if they offer this option. There is always a way to save money by using free promo codes. The catch is that you have to know where to find these codes and you have to be certain that you are following any restrictions or regulations in order to receive the discount that is being offered. Most online stores today offer some sort of discount or money saving opportunity. In order to take advantage of those savings, you simply have to be aware that these discounts exist and you need to know where to find them. Most stores offer a Q&A that answers questions related to their coupon codes, whether or not they allow for multiple codes being used at once and troubleshooting information on what to do if a particular code is not working.

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