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Low Latency Mode Nvidia Driver Update 2020

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Nvidia update on August 2019, nvidia again released a new driver update for nvidia graphics cards to the new version 436.02.nvidia stated that there was a very extraordinary increase in performance of up to 23% when compared to the previous version of the driver. You can feel the performance improvement when you upgrade Apex Legends, Battlefield V, strage brigade, forga horizzon 4 and world war Z.

Driver update this time, nvidia has also added a new option, namely Ultra-Low Latency mode. This Ultra-Low latency option is specially designed for competitive gamers. Ultra-Loe Latency regulation mode on Nvidia graphics cards can reduce letdowns by up to 33 $ and uses a technique (just in time) that can send frames to render just before the GPU needs them.

When you are playing Nvidia gamers will create a buffer for several frames in the queue to be rendered. That goal is to smooth out frame rate interruptions in case the GPU suddenly has a problem. But the drawback of this method is latency on the input.

By using technically (just in time) when Ultra-Low Latency mode has been activated, the next frame is only sent right in time for the graphics card (graphics caerd), and starts rendering. This can reduce the potential Latency to a minimum. when the lag between mouse or keyboard input actually occurs on the monitor automatically decreases.

This new Ultra-Low Latency option is available for all Nvidia GeForce graphics cards. You must make sure you update the driver to version 436.02 to enable Ultra-Low Latency mode.

below is how to enable Ultra_low Latency on Nvidia GeForce graphics card.

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low latency mode nvidia

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In the empty desktop area, right-click the mouse and display the shortcut menu and select Nvidia control panel.

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mode nvidia seting. Control panel

In the NVIDIA control panel window, select Manager 3D settings 

1. You should be on the homepage in the global settings tab 

2. Click on low Latency Mode 

3. Click on the drop-down box on Low Latency Mode 

4. You select the option shown

5. Select ultra .

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When you are finished changing the value of Low Latency Mode, click the Apply button and Cancel button appears at the bottom of the NVIDIA control panel window. Then click the Apply button to save the entire change.

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