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Migraine signs, symptoms and treatments


Migraines are a common concern for many people around the world. Importantly, although the pain from a migraine can center within the head, it’s not just a standard headache. Many people make the mistake of thinking that any debilitating headache is a migraine. However, understanding migraine signs, symptoms and treatments means knowing how to distinguish a standard headache from something much worse.

The most common migraines are the ones that don’t come with an aura. This is otherwise known as a “common” migraine. On the other hand, there are also options that come with an aura, which are known as classic migraines. In some people, migraine attacks can begin as early as childhood. For others, the problems won’t occur until much later in life. Additionally, it’s worth noting that women are typically far more likely to develop migraines than men.

The Symptoms in Migraine Signs, Symptoms And Treatments:

When it comes to figuring out migraine signs, symptoms and treatments, the first thing to note is that if you have a family history associated with migraine attacks, then there’s a good chance that you’ll suffer from at least one migraine in your life. As mentioned above, migraines are very different from standard headaches. Usually, migraine symptoms will begin one or two days before the headache starts. This is known as something called the prodrome stage of the migraine.

If you’re in the prodrome stage, then you might suffer from depression, food cravings, hyperactivity, neck stiffness, irritability, or fatigue. If you have a migraine with an aura, then the aura will take place during this stage, and it might cause you to have problems with your movement, vision, and your experience of certain sensations. Difficulty speaking clearly can also be a common problem for people with migraine auras, and you may notice that you start to see shapes, or bright spots, or lose your vision entirely for short periods of time.

The next phase after the prodrome stage is the attack phase, this is by far the most painful and acute of the migraine stages, and it happens when the pain starts to really happen within the head. For some people, the attack can happen during the aura stage. The symptoms you feel can last between a few hours and a few days, and they can include increased sensitivity to sound and light, as well as:

  • – Faintness or dizziness

  • – Nausea

  • – Increased light sensitivity

  • – Pain in one focused spot around the head, usually at the back, the side, the front, or in the temples.

  • – Throbbing or pulsing head pain

  • – Vomiting

Once the attack phase of a migraine has passed, then you might experience something called a postdrome phase, which affects the mood. Some can feel very apathetic and exhausted, while others feel extremely happy or euphoric.

Understanding Migraine Pain and Nausea:

Recognizing migraine signs, symptoms and treatments means coming to terms with the fact that the impact of a migraine is very different to the experiences you would have with a standard headache. A lot of people explain a migraine as a pounding and throbbing pain, while others experience a steady or dull ache that gets worse over time.

Usually, migraine pain occurs within the forehead on one side, but it can shift throughout the head too. Most migraine attacks will last for periods of about four hours or more. If you don’t treat the migraine, then you may find that it lasts for much longer. Some people have reported symptoms that can occur for as long as a week.

Many of the people who suffer with migraines also have nausea at the same time, and most will vomit as a result of the debilitating pain. Usually, these symptoms start at the same time as the headache, or at least one hour after the pain in your head begins. The vomiting and nausea can be just as upsetting as the head pain itself. If you suffer from nausea, you might struggle to take your migraine medications, particularly if you’re vomiting too. If you cannot take your migraine medications then the symptoms are likely to be more severe.

The Treatment in Migraine Signs, Symptoms And Treatments:

When it comes to migraine signs, symptoms and treatments, it’s important to know that there are things you can do to help manage your condition, even though migraines cannot be cured completely. Your doctor or health expert will provide you with guidance on how you can manage your condition to keep your symptoms as limited as possible. However, your treatment plan will depend on a number of factors, including how frequently your migraines occur, how severe they are, and whether you suffer from vomiting and nausea along with other symptoms.

Sometimes, your treatment plan will be affected by your age, and any other health conditions or medications you might need to take which could interfere with a treatment plan. For most people, the path to success will begin with simple self-care solutions including lifestyle management techniques that help to reduce migraine triggers and minimize stress. There are also options available in the form of alternative care, like counseling, meditation, and acupuncture.

If your migraines are particularly bad, then you might use over the counter medications, or prescription medications that you can take as soon as a headache begins to help reduce the severity and assist with easing your symptoms. Usually, you’ll be asked to start by lying down in a quiet and dark room where you can prevent any outside sources from making your migraine any worse. You might also find that cooling down your head with a damp cloth is useful, as well as massaging your temples and scalp.

Interestingly, medications for migraines can be used in a number of different ways. For instance, you can use medications to stop a migraine from happening, or at least reduce your risk, or you can use medications to treat the symptoms as they begin. You’ll often be asked to start looking for relief with medicines that you can get over the counter. However, if these medications aren’t successful, then your doctor might choose to provide additional medications too.


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