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Mobile apps and websites that make driving easier

Whether you are planning a family vacation or you just want to find the quickest route to work, there are a number of apps and sites that make driving easier. These apps are designed to tell you of any roadwork being done on your route and to help you in finding the fastest and least troublesome roadways to travel to your destination.

What You Get With A Driving App:

Different driving apps are going to give you different features, but all of them can easily be downloaded to your smartphone and provide turn by turn directions. Many also give you traffic monitoring and alerts that help you to avoid traffic jams and other issues such as road hazards due to traffic accidents or inclement weather. Some will also alert you of any police that are in the area, sort of like a radar detector that is built into the app. Many websites also offer this information, and do it without the need to download an application. You can simply pull up a map on a site and use the turn by turn directions to get you safely to your destination in the least amount of time possible.

App Interface:

Just as there are a number of apps and sites that make driving easier, there are a number of features that are specific to each one. Each application will have its own advantages, particularly with the interface that they use. Some display red icons to alert you of heavy traffic and darker red colors for high traffic congestion. Green typically means that the roadways are relatively clear and should offer a hassle free route.

Choosing A Route:

Different apps and websites could give you different routes, which is important to consider if you are traveling on a time constraint. Some may tell you that you have half an hour of travel time while others may knock this down to about 20 minutes or so. If you are unsure of which route is best, use a couple of apps or sites to determine the best route and compare and contrast the information that you are being provided. Chances are good that at least a couple traffic sites are going to give you the same information.

Downloading the App:

Most traffic apps can easily be downloaded from the Apple or Google stores. Most service providers support these downloads as well, so it simply comes down to the app that you feel most comfortable using. If you want turn by turn directions, be sure that the app you select offers this feature. If you want the app to also tell you about nearby hotels, restaurants or other amenities, make sure that you read through the apps features and select one that offers this information. Most of them are going to offer information about traffic problems or accidents but again, it is a good idea to double check the information that you will be receiving prior to downloading the app.

Cost for Driving Assistance:

Many apps and sites that make driving easier are free to use although an app that is downloaded to your smartphone may cost in terms of internet data usage. If you are concerned about cost, be sure that you check the specifics before you choose an app. Some cellular providers offer their own app for driving that works as a portable GPS system, but many of them charge you for data usage as well as a monthly charge for using the app. This is another thing that you will want to check before you activate the app that is downloaded to your phone.

How Useful Are These Apps?

Apps and sites that make driving easier are designed for one purpose; to make driving easier. If you are visiting an area that you have never been, these apps can be priceless as they will help you to navigate strange roads and freeways and help to ensure that you reach your destination safely. If you do not travel much, you may feel that you do not need such an app but even those who rarely leave their home towns can get use out of a driving app or website. If you are traveling to work or in inclement weather, this information can be very helpful to alert you of traffic situations due to snow and ice, flooding or traffic accidents. Even those who only travel a few miles per day can find use in a traffic information system when roadways are flooded or snow and ice is evident.

Using Traffic Information:

Traffic information is designed to make driving safer and easier. Using this information is as simple as opening the website or app and having it running while you are driving. While you should never try to input addresses or other information while you are actually behind the wheel, you can preset the information that you want to input and have it ready when you take off. If you are headed out on a family vacation, you can choose the route that has less traffic, the one that has the most restroom stops and even the one that offers the best restaurants or sights that you may want to see while you are traveling. Apps and sites to make driving easier can help you to plan the perfect family vacation, get to meetings on time every time and generally make your life a bit less stressful by helping you to avoid traffic backups and potentially dangerous traveling situations. Just one download or open website set up to the specifications you choose could actually carve hours off of your driving time throughout the year. When you are ready to take advantage of this technology, you simply have to choose the travel information that you trust most, download the app and then use it whenever you are behind the wheel. Traffic apps are available for all smartphones and tablets and can be quite the time saver when it comes to traveling to areas that are new to you.

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