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What is cPanel?

cPanel is a management tool created to help you get the maximum potential out of your hosting space. First, it allows you to create and use email addresses. Nowadays, email communication has become a crucial part of any online business or project. cPanel hosting will let you set up forwarders, auto-responders and will include anti-spam tools to help you keep your inbox clean. Moreover, you will receive an easy-to-use File Manager to help you with everyday tasks. You can also create FTP users and connect to your hosting space using any FTP client. A convenient tool if you need to grant file access to a developer or colleague. Domain management tools will assist in adding more domains or subdomains to your host while controlling their DNS records at the same time. And let’s not forget MySQL, which is a crucial part of many scripts and websites. cPanel hosting allows you to create MySQL databases and users with ease and has phpMyadmin to let you manage it. As a bonus, remote MySQL connections are also supported! To secure and supercharge your website, you will even have the ability to enable Cloudflare. Overall, cPanel hosting aims to encompass all the tools to start your project with a bang!

What is the difference between cPanel hosting and hPanel?

The main difference between cPanel and hPanel is the creator. Our cPanel hosting servers use a license from cPanel to implement their management platform. Meanwhile, hPanel is our own product, created by our awesome developer team. It also strives to provide a convenient platform and make your web hosting experience as smooth and comfortable as possible.

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