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10 clever ideas for how to make money

There may be many reasons why you would want to leave your job. However, due to personal and financial reasons, you may not be able to do so. During such times in your life, you should start thinking about other ways on how to make money as well. There are a plethora of options in which one can make money, which include working on online platforms, crafts, coaching, etc. These are also methods to land in a real job and that can be either part time or full time, and you can earn good amount of money. Following are the ways on how to make money—the little extra kind:

Foap: A mobile app named Foap assists all iPhone owners who want to make more money. It is available for free download and sign up and is a way to turn your iPhone photos into money. You add a photo in the app and someone will buy the photo taking a license for $10 and you get $5 for every photo bought. If one single photo can be bought n number of times, you can make much money and end up with a good amount for a 2-minute’s work. The only hindrance in this process is the fact that the Foap admin team takes your photo onto their drive before accepting your picture.

Thumbtack: Thumbtack is a professional online marketing hub that helps an individual to get more viewers by bidding on a job that many want to get into. It is easy and one can make money in hours.

TaskRabbit: TaskRabbit is another great website where people who want someone to assist them in their household chores such as assembling a furniture piece, mowing their lawn, shopping suggestions, shifting apartments, event management, party planners, or even tiny repairs. If you aren’t choosy on how to make money, TaskRabbit is a great bet.

Etsy: Online platforms are one of the easiest ways to end up in a decent job that pays your bills and rent. If you are inclined to the crafts, Etsy is a website that can help you make money. You can make customized jewelry, refrigerator magnets, or other accessories and sell it on this platform if you’re wondering how to make money.

Swap.com: Another website is Swap.com where you can sell not only clothes but even all your games, toys, etc. Users can either get an acceptance acknowledgement or rejection, and if it’s the latter, there is a rejection fee involved. The research says that sellers can make an average of $150 easily for a box of goodies at Swap.com.

Wonder: If you are good at research work, then Wonder is another free website where the companies ask you to research information on a minute basis. If you’re good at looking up info, researchers can make as much as $5 per hour which is quite good because a conference research call can take up to 2 hours at least.

Thredup: This is a website that allows you to sell second-hand clothes as first-hand ones. You have to get the clothes from elsewhere and sell it on the website by sending it on a Thredup package with an address label, and you can add a price to it. If your items are not accepted, there is a rejection fee and if they are accepted, you get the money.

Body Instructor: When it comes to the fitness instructors, many prefer to visit individual fitness instructors rather than gyms or Zumba or aerobics classes because they don’t love their body. Others do not have the guts to stand in a public platform with many others. In this service, one can become a personal body instructor for a single person, wherein they can shed their self-doubts and fears and work towards their body fitness positively.

Dog Trainer: There are various pet owners who find it tough to take time off work to walk their dogs as well as exercise them. You can be a dog trainer or a dog walker and teach them the basics of house breaking, the obedience commands as well as certain physical and mental activities to keep them busy and happy. The major effort involved in this is to, of course, have more than an affinity towards dogs and also take the dog training and canine behavior training course.

OfferUp.com: This website helps you to maximize your profits by selling the stuff you have been stacking away in your basement. All you have to do is to take a picture of things you want to sell put a price on it. If there is someone in the vicinity who is interested, then the buyer and seller can meet at a public place recommended by OfferUp and the seller gets instant cash for what he/she is selling. This is safer than websites like Craigslist because the seller or buyer do not know where the other lives.

You can select from the above-mentioned ideas for how to make money.

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