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8 essential tips for an engaging Facebook business

8 essential tips for an engaging Facebook business

Setting up a Facebook page for your new business is a smart move in the tech-savvy world. Facebook is home to nearly two billion monthly active users. So, you must be thinking that it is easy to attract customers through Facebook. However, this is not true.

If you are not using an effective strategy to get noticed, there is a high chance that your page might just disappear in the pile of million other pages existing on Facebook. It is easy to get likes and to engage with people, but generating leads and customers out of it is difficult, and chances of success are not that high. But with proper strategy and engaging smartly with Facebook business, you can earn many customers online.

Given below is a compiled list of eight effective tips for an engaging Facebook business.

Create a business profile and not personal one for your business

The essence of creating a page is to keep the personal profile different from that of business. But there are many business owners who have still not realized this basic but most important step. Engaging in Facebook business through its page services gives a lot of advantages like various tools and features which works only on Business page and not personal profiles. Thus entrepreneurs and marketers are advised to make use of it so as not to miss out on important things.

Upload a meaningful profile picture

Profile picture is a representation of your business, and therefore, it plays an important role in your Facebook business page. The profile picture should be recognizable and professional looking. Most commonly used are company’s logo or brand pictures as they are easily recognized. Make sure that the image is of good quality, proportionally cropped and in the center of your page. It is important to choose or create your logo wisely.

Choose an attractive cover photo

Apart from choosing your profile picture, it is also important to wisely select your cover photo, which compliments both your company’s profile as well as the profile picture. Since there is quite a lot of space available for cover photo, it is advantageous for the company to choose or design such photo that is entertaining but also engaging to viewers.

Add a CTA button

CTA is call-to-action button. It is important to link your customers to right pages by using appropriate CTA button on your Facebook business page. Example, if your business is in hotel industry you can use CTA as “book now, ” or if you are selling products or services, you can write “buy now.”

Write interactive and creative ‘About’ section

In the “About” section of the page, write about your brand/company, your visions, and goal, basic information about the company and its people. It is most important when the customer or clients haven’t heard about your business they might immediately check your “About” page. This section will create the first impression and include a short description of your business and contact details.

Post photos and videos regularly

The most effective tool on your Facebook business page is visual content and videos. Most people don’t like to read or don’t have time to read, so creating and posting pictures frequently will make your presence felt in the minds of the customer. By using photos, infographics, and videos, you can effectively share your information with your clients or visitors.

Decide an ideal time and frequency for your posts

On a Facebook business page or Facebook fan page, it is very important to post frequently. But the ideal time for it is subjective as it may directly affect your business and can also bring or reduce your customers. Social Media Management Services for small business is effective to keep their updates and postings maintained.

Also, one cannot trust a page with barely any posts and also one does not want a page which will flood their timeline with random posts and updates. Therefore, the best way to go about it is to be consistent. Just keep posting once or twice a day even if you’re busy or out of town. Learn how to master the art of updating your Facebook.

Promote your page effectively

After doing all the things mentioned above like giving out necessary information about your website as well as adding content and visuals, now is the time to get followers by promoting your page. You can do this by first creating an ad and specifying your marketing objectives. Next step is to choose your audience, i.e., what kinds of people are you targeting, and the last step is to specify your budget for your ads for promoting your Facebook business page.

You can refer to some of the best Facebook business pages to take some tips and reference for your page. But the above tips are the most general and basic things to start with.

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