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8 popular personal budget apps

You may or may not have any idea regarding managing your personal budget, but you can do that simply using a personal budget application. For this, you may certainly need a smartphone or tablet; you can become much smarter with your finances. Here are some of the popular personal budget apps that can assist you to manage your finances and make them more secured.

Many people refrain from installing such apps by seeing the word ‘budget.’ However, there is nothing much to worry; you can simply track your expenditure to meet your financial goals. You will be able to find several options to maintain your budget, such as an app or a tool that could assist you in maximizing your savings and balancing your expenditure by making proper investments.


It seems like smartphones can do everything these days, which even includes savings. ‘Digit’ is a new app that has been endorsed by Google. It automates saving in a new way. Instead of deducting a specific amount every month, this unique personal budget app monitors or operates your spending habits to find out how much money you can afford to spend.

Debt Payoff Planner

This personal budget app’s working is akin to DebtTracker. It usually tracks your spending and allows you to select a particular payment strategy. It later recommends payments to achieve your goal from getting out of debt. It provides a payoff chart, and you can simply observe how fast you can get out of your debt if you follow the proper plan.

Mint: Personal Finance

A favorite of the reviewers as well as that of the users, you can find that Mint: Personal Finance app introduced by ‘Intuit’ helps you to track all your finances. The app provides you in-depth personal budget management as well as expense logging, and syncing along with your bank accounts, which may also include investment funds and credit cards for an up-to-date look at your finances.

Users can enter their cash expenses into the app as well. The app categorizes expenses as well as tracks the trends, which is an amazing way to determine what one’s financial weak spots are and where exactly their budget drains into. It even lets you set as well as track your financial goals such as saving for a vacation or paying off your debt. In addition to this, users can receive credit scores and read the advice of experts on topics such as home loans, credit cards, banking fees, and much more.

Mint: Bill Pay & Money

Mint even has a personal budget app known as ‘Bill Pay & Money’ that keeps up on your bills as well as allows you to pay them directly through your app. You can even schedule automatic payments or set up reminders that may give you a low cash alert so that you don’t bounce a payment.

Every Dollar

‘Dave Ramsey’ (Personal finance master) has organized ‘Every Dollar’ which allows him to make proper plans step-by-step to improve his budget.  

‘Every Dollar’ begins with mainly eight budgeting categories like Savings, Housing, Transportation, Food, Lifestyle, and so on. You can assign the existing funds to the ‘planned’ category, and keep deducting the amount and plan your budget accordingly.

Level Money

‘Level’ could be a derivative of level-headed advice or the fact that the personal budget app seems to level with the users. This simple and pragmatic app looks at your finances, determines the kind of your spending patterns and shows the entire amount that you can afford to spend for a particular day, week, or month. It even asks you to set a small percentage of income along with your savings, which further makes you calculate how much money you can spend.


It’s even difficult to manage your finances when you find that your accounts are all over the place. The Wally is a personal budget app that looks at all your finances as well as tracks your income and your expenses. You can even scan receipts that make it easier for you to track cash expenses. What makes Wally unique is that it looks at expenses as experiences rather than transactions.

Users can track and understand where they spent money and with whom. The app allows users to tag friends and snap pictures. If your GPS service is switched on, then the app can also link it to a specific venue. That way, rather than going through a credit card statement of the cryptic abbreviations, you can see it was the kiosk where you will have got your crazy sunglasses with your friend.


This seems to be a great tool for the travelers or business people who are in need of tracking expenses on the go. This app allows you to track expenses manually as well as click the pictures of receipts, and import purchase information from your credit card.

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