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5 Benefits of Email Marketing that You Must Know

Is email marketing important? As a generation that is updated about technological developments, we certainly understand that social media is the most popular thing to exist, so is email marketing still so important for business? Apart from the social media phenomenon, the existence of email marketing is still something that business people need to do.

Email marketing still has the advantage of marketing the product or brand that you have. For that, here are 5 benefits that you can get from email marketing.

1. You can connect with customers more closely

Unlike social media, email marketing that you create will be sent more personally and as if it were only intended for you. When customers get used to it and start to like the content you provide, they will be easier to persuade to buy or just participate in the campaigns that you create.

2. You can save more money

Instead of having to print flyers or brochures, using email marketing is much cheaper. You only need to design interesting content to grab the attention of every audiance who receives email marketing. Email marketing can be sent more easily and will definitely arrive in the inbox of your customers or prospective customers.

3. Right on target

Not everyone will accept the flyer or brochure that you make. Through email marketing, your marketing activities will be more targeted and will definitely enter the inbox of each of your customers or prospective customers. Marketing opportunities through email marketing are very large, because almost all Indonesians have email, even email is as important as a home address.

4. Able to increase brand awareness

Email marketing is the most appropriate step to increase brand awareness. Prospective customers who receive the email will continue to remember the brand you offer, even though they don't buy right away, they will know what campaign or discount your brand is doing.

5. The results can be measured

Through email marketing, you as a business person can find out how much success you have done. All email marketing activities can be measured, you can find out what kind of content they are interested in opening the email and can evaluate it for greater success.

Through email marketing, you as a business person will find it very easy to carry out promotions.
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