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East USA Travel Destinations

Destination Eastern USA

Experience a dreamy blend of natural beauty and stirring history, charming townscapes and scintillating cultural capitals. As you adventure to the Eastern United States, expert local guests will join us to enrich your travels with their historical and cultural insight. Discover the iconic landmarks, dramatic scenery and fascinating history that make our country so inspiring.

The New England states occupy much of America’s colonial history, and its canvas of forests create some of the best fall foliage sights in the entire world. Elsewhere on the East Coast, marvelous metropolises like New York City beckon you to unravel its wonders. In Washington DC, stroll the national mall and explore the Smithsonian Institute’s many museums. And if you haven’t been to Niagara Falls, let us show you the majesty of this famous waterfall by foot, cruise, and nearly 800 feet high atop Skylon Tower.
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