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How your business can be an Instagram Video star

What are Instagram's video options?
Instagram made waves in the press it in 2012 was because ofwhen Facebook’s cool $US715 million takeover of the photo-sharing service, which made the company’s 13 employees multi-millionaires. Since the acquisition, Facebook has has amped it up with additional features, including video-sharing Instagram Stories ­– separate still-image or video posts that vanish after 24 hours – and most recently Instagram television (IGTV), which allows for long videos. These features are is by far their most exciting developments to date.

The brands already using it for marketing
Some very social media savvy brands had embraced Instagram’s first video function within days of its initial release in 2013. Canadian sportswear label Lululemon was first to develop their own “insta-video” strategy, shortly followed by streetwear company Urban Outfitters and iconic British luxury brand Burberry.

Today, video promotions on Instagram are one of the cornerstones of a smart digital marketing strategy. Vogue, for instance, made clever use of the Stories tool to promote their September 2018 issue, which drove 20 percent of new subscribers to the magazine.

Who knows what advancement – and opportunities – are in the pipeline for businesses looking to grow with Instagram’s video features. And Instagram is just one of the avenues open to a business social media marketing strategy.

Social media business tools

Explore the range of business tools available to make your social media activities engagement to customers and effective for your business.

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