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Resetter Printer Epson L120

Resetter Printer Epson L120 Manual | automatic

The Epson L120 resetter is used to reset the ink pad counter on the Epson L120 brand printer. 

Resetter Printer Epson L120 otomatis
Resetter Printer Epson L120

With this resetter you will be able to continue using the printer even if it is not recommended by the printer manufacturer.

Because the printer must be maintained regularly and periodically.

To be able to use the Epson L120 resetter you only need to connect to your Epson L120 printer.

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After that run the following steps.

By the way, while doing these steps make sure you do it correctly as admin has instructed, for success if you understand you can directly follow the review on this page.

Resetter otomatis and manual

1. Download the Epson L120 resetter[ Click here ].

2. Extract the download, in which there is a program called "L120. exe”, double-click on the program. Tips: Before extracting, it's best to disable the anti-virus for a while, try this just in case the resetter is not removed by the anti-virus.

3. After the program opens, please select the type of printer and port you are using. Usually this can also be done automatically using the "Auto-selection" mode.

4. After that select the "Particular Adjustment Fashion" button.

5. Select "Waste ink pad counter" on the "maintenance" menu bar.

6. Click “Ok”, then on the “Check& initialization" don't forget to check the "Main pad counter" option, click "Check" then click "Initialize".

7. Finally click "Finish" and immediately turn off the printer when the light flashes and a pop up appears to turn off your Epson L120 printer.

8. End. Congratulations, you have successfully applied it now.

This method is very efficient to use with mandatory conditions, as we ordered above, so this tutorial will work 100%, as long as it is exactly like the steps above.

If there are no other problems, your Epson L120 printer should be able to be used again.

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Epson L120 Resetter Adjustment Program DOWNLOAD 1.44mb

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