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The Best CRM Application For Small Businesses / MSMEs

Can the CRM application be applied to small businesses / MSMEs?

Can the CRM application be applied to small businesses / MSMEs? In business, CRM ( customer relationship management ) or customer relationship management is important. However, business owners who are still pioneering such as MSMEs may be wondering: Should my business use a CRM application? Isn't the CRM application used for large-scale businesses only?

In fact, it's not just large companies that benefit from CRM. Nowadays, CRM is not only for big business, but also as an application for small business. Small business CRM can help small home businesses and MSMEs to maintain existing customer relationships and KPIs.

What is the function of the CRM application for small businesses / MSMEs? Why do small businesses / MSMEs need a CRM application?

For small businesses / MSMEs, consumers are the top priority. When you are just starting a business, managing information regarding order data and customer contacts is not difficult. These data can still be managed by yourself and recorded manually. However, as the business grows, the number of customers and employees will increase. If it is not managed properly, the overflow order data can be scattered or even not recorded.

The use of CRM applications for start-up businesses (crm apps for small businesses) can help manage order data and customer information. Apart from that, CRM also helps automate tedious and time-consuming business processes such as entering data. Thus, businesses can focus more on increasing sales and interacting with customers.

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What are the benefits of a CRM application, especially for small businesses / MSMEs?
CRM applications can help small-scale businesses / MSMEs in the following ways:

1. CRM application for business contact management
CRM helps in managing information about all customer data. This will make it easier for businesses to track the entire history of interactions with customers and who is responsible for handling these customers. This information will help the sales process run more smoothly.

2. Better customer relationships
With the information stored in a CRM system, businesses can find out more about their customers. This will help businesses to forge better and stronger relationships with customers by providing better service.

3. Sales reports
CRM is able to provide automatic reports and analysis, such as how many deals occurred, number of calls and chats made, total sales per month, to sales targets. The report is displayed visually, making it easier for businesses to see overall sales performance.

4. Data transparency and team productivity
By tracking team activities, business owners can accurately measure the performance or key performance indicator (KPI) of each employee which will hold them accountable for meeting targets.

5. Efficiency of business processes
With CRM, all work and customer orders can be handled properly without overlapping responsibilities between employees. CRM helps see which customers or orders have been handled and who is handling them.

6. Increase sales and profits
With the benefits mentioned above, CRM helps increase the overall productivity of the business. Thus, businesses are able to develop better business strategies and improve the services provided to customers. This will have an impact on increasing sales and profits for the business.

Why is the Q contact CRM application the best choice for small businesses / SMEs?

Q Contact's CRM system has been used by various types of businesses, from MSMEs to large-scale businesses. Q Kontak's various CRM features and modules are very flexible and easy to use so that their use is not limited to certain types of businesses.

In addition to the various benefits of CRM that have been mentioned above, here are the advantages of CRM Q Kontak:

1. Easy to use and customize
The Q Contact CRM application has an easy-to-use interface so it can be used without having to take a long time to learn it. Q Contact's CRM application can also be easily customized according to business needs. You don't need to understand difficult technicalities because the setup is very easy.

2. GPS tracking
Q Contact's CRM application is equipped with a live GPS system so that businesses that have sales teams in the field can easily track their whereabouts. There is no need to worry if the internet is down because the Q Kontak GPS system can track it even when it is offline.

3. Mobile system
You can easily access the CRM Q Kontak application via smartphone so that business monitoring can be done anytime and anywhere without having to be in the office or opening a laptop / computer. The sales team in the field can easily access customer data at any time.

4. Training and support
Our team will provide free training and mentoring so that your business can use the CRM application. With the convenience of CRM Q Contact, clients can usually learn it in 1-2 sessions. Maintenance will also be done to ensure the server can run smoothly.

5. Integration with other applications
The Q Contacts CRM application is integrated with various other applications that have been used in your business processes, from email integration with Gmail and Microsoft, Microsoft Excel and PDF integration to make reporting easier, to integration with the WhatsApp API.

Q Contact.com is one of WhatsApp's official partners that can integrate your business with the WhatsApp Business API.

Some of the features that you can have by integrating the WhatsApp API with your business through the Q Contact CRM:

  • Ability to access WhatsApp from various devices
  • Ability to send WhatsApp blast notification
  • Automation of chat bots and AI ( artificial intelligence )
  • Channel messages to regulated agents (For example: Press '1' for Branch A; Press '2' for Branch B, etc.)
  • WhatsApp messaging and payment templates
  • More about What is the Whatsapp API? Definition and Features


Still Confused with the Right CRM Application Choices for Your Small / MSME Business?

The use of CRM applications is not limited to large companies only. Businesses that are pioneering or 

MSMEs can feel the impact of using CRM.

Do you have a small business / MSME? Develop and automate your business with Q Kontak.com , the best CRM Indonesia software at competitive prices. If you are still in doubt, contact us for your business consultation and get a free trial.

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