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What Is Email Marketing?

Even though email marketing is not something new, there are not a few entrepreneurs and marketers who don't really understand the true meaning of email marketing.

What Is Email Marketing

At its most basic level, email marketing is the use of email to promote a business. Email is one of the main digital marketing techniques .

These emails are used to cultivate relationships with potential customers, notify current and branded customers of your business, offer coupons to drive customer loyalty, and much more!

Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing, similar to marketing via postal mail, but email marketing is much more efficient for your wallet and for the environment because it uses no paper at all.

Some people think that email marketing is out of date, but the fact is that email marketing is becoming more and more important.

Email Marketing has been in use long after the birth of the Internet. Since then, email has grown rapidly and is still a very useful marketing tool.

In fact, many business owners think that email marketing is more important today than ever before. There's good reason that most retailers consider email marketing to be one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics!

So What is the Function of Email Marketing?
After understanding the meaning of email marketing, now you also need to understand what its purpose is. Email Marketing can be used to build trust with customers over time to turn them into repeat customers.

Email Marketing is also an effective way to provide information to your customers about new products or promotions that you are running.

People want to stay informed about your brand, and email marketing is one of the best ways to stay engaged with that audience.

In fact, 28% of online shoppers in the United States report that they subscribe to store or product emails to stay informed about the brands they love.

What is Email Marketing Software?
There are lots of software (software) and automation tools out there that make the email marketing process easy. For example, MailChimp and Constant Contact can be used to send emails and monitor how your customers interact with your email.

You can also use email marketing software to track analytics such as click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and conversions.

What are the advantages of email marketing over other marketing methods?
94% of Internet users use email. Therefore, email marketing allows you to reach many Internet users even if they are not on social media.

Additionally, a shocking survey found that 75% of adult online users say email marketing is actually their preferred marketing method!

If you're not already taking advantage of email marketing, it's definitely something you should consider reaching a wider audience and strengthening your brand's relationship with current customers.

Another benefit of email marketing is that it's very easy to track your Return On Investment (ROI). Everything can be tracked using email marketing software so you can find out who has opened your email, who clicked on to your website via your email, and much more.

Plus, ROI is usually very high because you don't have to set aside advertising costs behind the email to bring it to the right audience like you do with most other forms of advertising.

They are already targeted as ideal consumers because you only send emails to people who have given you permission by giving you their email address.

This makes email marketing one of the cheapest marketing tactics available. One lesser-known fact is that 66% of all email in the United States is opened via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

If you've been considering using text messaging or SMS campaigns, email marketing could actually be a better choice for you.

Email Marketing works much the same way as SMS Marketing, but you can also reach desktop users and most smartphone users find email less of a hassle than corporate text messages (SMS).

While email marketing is often used in conjunction with other forms of marketing such as social media advertising and even TV and radio advertising, email marketing has a set of unique advantages of its own.

For example, let's say you own an online store and you run sales. When you post about sales on social media, not all of your followers will see it.

Only about 1% of your followers will usually see a Facebook post unless you track it within a certain advertising budget. Unlike if you send an email about your sales, it is guaranteed to be put in the presence of every member of your email contact list.

Another striking difference between email marketing and other forms of marketing is that people really want to see your email promotion!

Whoever is on your email contact list, they have purposely provided you with their email address because they wanted more information about your brand.

This is very different from advertising on search engines, social media, TV, magazines, and radio. Someone who finds your ad on Facebook or while watching the morning news doesn't ask to learn more about your brand, so they're likely to ignore your message or even get annoyed about it.

If a consumer directly provides you with their email address, it is because they specifically want to participate in your email marketing campaign.

They may be tempted by discount coupons or other promotions, but it's still a more attention-based marketing strategy. This is part of what makes email marketing so unique and so successful!

How to Start an Email Marketing Campaign?
What is email marketing? - email marketing is something very versatile. By using email marketing software, you can customize an email with a customer's name and can send a personalized email for someone's birthday.

You can even create separate email lists and send different offers or promotions to different groups of audiences.

The first step to starting an email marketing campaign is to assemble an email list.

Before a potential customer gives you their email address, there are a few questions they are likely to consider.

Will you spam them? What benefits will they get by providing their email address? Will you be sending a special discount? Are you going to make their email address public or sell it?

You want to make it clear to potential customers that they will benefit from subscribing to your email list and that you are not going to spam them or give their email address to anyone else.

There are many ways to build your email list, but a good place to start is by embedding an email registration form on your website page.

This way you can take advantage of existing website visitors and offer information or special discounts in exchange for their email address. You can also use social media accounts to collect emails, as previously mentioned.

What Is Email Marketing Content?
Now that you have a solid email list, it's time to start planning your email. There is tons of content you can include in an email and unique formatting options to choose from.

Email marketing is much more likely to be customized than other forms of advertising, so there's so much room for improvisation!

Some examples of content that you can include in your email are links to articles on your website pages, loyalty rewards for customers, customer testimonials, information about new promotions or sales, and announcements about new goods or services.

Email can also be used to simply remind people who have expressed interest in your company that you exist!

From writing the perfect subject line to choosing the most eye-catching layouts, composing your e-mail message can be overwhelming and tiresome.

But, you dont have to worry! We are here to help you! The content you put in your email really depends on the type of business you run. However, there are a few techniques that are best suited for most businesses.

For example, a study by Relevancy Group found that marketers who added video to their email campaigns saw an increase in revenue of about 40%.

Infographics, lists, and promotions / discounts can also make emails very engaging.

It's just that you need to be careful not to compose and send all of your e-mails only about product sales. Your e-mail should also include valuable information that your subscribers might find interesting.

Some examples of content that can add value to your email are answers to popular FAQs, snippets from blog posts on your website, and surveys or polls.

What is an Email Marketing Layout?
As far as layout goes, congruence is key. Your email should match the style of your website, ad, and social media accounts for consistent branding.

Also, since about half of all emails are opened from mobile devices, so you need to make sure that your emails are mobile friendly.

What Is Email Marketing Optimization?
Another helpful tip you need to take note of is that there are optimal times during which you should send your email.

Subscribers are more likely to open an email if they weren't busy at the time they received it. Otherwise, they may open it later, or they can forget about it and leave it in the inbox indefinitely.

Most email marketing platforms will help you determine the ideal time for you to send an email.

Otherwise, a good rule of thumb is to send email during times when people in your target audience will likely have some free time.

The early mornings before people go to work, the lunch break, and the evenings, when people come home from work, are usually the most successful times for emailing.

You can always use the data obtained from previous emails to make improvements to future emails. A / B split testing (A / B testing) is the best way to determine which type of content best suits your audience.

Overall, the goal of your email should be to get the right message to the right person at the right time.

It can be difficult to get all of those things in order perfectly, especially on the first try. That's why A / B testing is so important!

What Is Email Marketing Ethics? What are the consequences?
Now that we've covered what email marketing is, what its benefits are, and how to properly utilize email in your marketing strategy, here are some things you should avoid in your email marketing process.

For starters, don't send spam messages. Spamming your email subscribers is an ineffective email marketing strategy because it won't lead to increased sales or profitable brand recognition and it can damage your company's reputation.

Think of someone who gave you an email address as well as those who invited you to their home. The last thing you want to do is flood them with spam or misleading messages and disrespect them in their own home.

There is also a law called the CAM-SPAM Act which includes a set of rules to limit spam sending.

These rules include that e-mails must have a non-deceptive subject line, a method available for subscribers to unsubscribe from your e-mail list, and your name and address at the end of all e-mails. As long as you comply with the requirements of the CAM-SPAM Act, your email must be spam free!

A bad email marketing tactic that you shouldn't take advantage of is buying pre-built email lists.

You must build your email list with people who have a genuine interest in your company.

Buying a pre-existing email list is a bad idea for many reasons, the main one being that most lists can provide you with unqualified people who are less likely to have genuine interest in your brand and are more likely to unsubscribe from your emails. or even report it as spam.

The only potential drawback to marketing email campaigns is that they can take some time. Therefore you might want to consider hiring a digital marketing agency to take care of all your email marketing needs!

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