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QDRO attorney near me

qdro attorney near me 13 E 6th Rd, Queens, NY 11693, Amerika Serikat

QDRO attorney

Peacock QDROs: New York & New Jersey Retirement Division Lawyer has been operating for 3 years and has handled various cases and is always optimistic about the best for his customers. They always have a solution and provide the best education from the best.

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family law attorney services

401k, 403b, 457 Plan Division

Domestic Relations Orders

Estate Planning

MaBSTOA Pension Division

NYCERS Pension Divisio

NYPD Pension Division

Pension Division

Pension Plans

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Retirement Plan

Site : www.peacockesq.com

Phone number: +1 929-437-3767

Serving the Bronx and the following areas :


New York

New Jersey




Jersey City

Pulau Staten

working hours : open 24 hours

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