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The avaya academy experience that mattered


Why did you choose Avaya?

Avaya Academy : experience is essential, before you joined avaya, I had entered the corporate world with a full time job as a CRM administrator and Oracle cx cloud configuration analyst. I taught in the IT track doing application and program support for 3 years . So, it was a very difficult decision to join avay, where I would be in charge of selling the cloud. But in sales it wasn't entirely new to me, because I had experience selling bank credit cards before college and I was a sales clerk at one of the call center as a part-time job at some point, I think my soul and skills are in sales, while at the same time can still use my IT skills and bachelor's degree.Furthermore, I found out that Avaya is a business communication technology company.I am very open to new possibilities, so when an avaya recruiter contacted me via linkkedln, I wanted to try joining because this job sounded promising.

The Avaya Academy Program 3.0

After finishing my bachelor degree and getting ready to get a job, in my mind the ideal corporate job would be to go through a period of intense training until you are ready for the actual job, however I soon found out about most companies.. so I was amazed and very happy to be a part of this academy programme, where Avaya invests in a global talent pool that improves them as the next board of sales leaders, sales engineers, and Avaya professionals in a highly dynamic international environment. This is the 3rd year of Avaya Academy's global program.

The Academy Journey

Currently we are only a quarter of the sincerity of the Avaya academy program, I confirm this is a rare opportunity and run. A place where we can meet and interact with seniors who share the various avaya sales cycles, including products, services, and various aspects of the avaya business communications industry. They direct and guide us on how to manage customer and partner meetings and build the relationships needed to be effective in business. this. In addition, here we can work in a virtual system with other academic associates throughout Europe and the AMEA region which makes traveling an enjoyable one by having a strong external to international network.

The Academy Perks

Avaya is a multinational technology company with customers in more than 175 countries worldwide.Avaya is an effective way to reach our customers by traveling to the customer's location as part of doing business. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel was part of avayabs' work activities working in a sales role, assisting with business and partner activities or attending sales training. I have been very fortunate to have experienced several local and international travel opportunities.

Would you recommend the Academy Program?

Avaya is a multifaceted feeling that trusts its people deeply. It invests in their growth and development. If you are named, passionate about learning, growing, and ready to grow, it is my pleasure to recommend this avaya academy program.Why I Chose Avaya

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