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6 Qualities Of A Good Email Marketing Campaign

But launching an effective email marketing campaign takes time, planning, and testing to succeed. To get results from your email marketing campaigns, you need to know your customers and entice them to read what you have to say.

While every company is unique, there are some standard email marketing guidelines that can work for just about anyone. When you start using them, you’ll see a huge result in your campaign’s effectiveness, and it can give you the boost in revenue that you want to grow your business to the next level. You just need to know the basics.

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Want to create successful email campaigns?

Effective email advertising isn’t limited to any one kind of business or strategy — that’s partly why it’s so useful as an online strategy. But the most successful email marketing initiatives all have the same qualities in common.

1. They have great subject lines

The headline is what hooks an email recipient and makes them read what you have to say. You can use promises, compliments, surprising facts, humor, and a whole range of other ideas to get customers to open your emails.

It’s smart to come up with multiple headlines for each email so you have a list that you can use to choose. If you like several, you can A/B test the different headlines to see which one is more effective. With that data at your disposal, you can write better headlines for future emails.

2. They’re compelling and easy to read

Once you get your audience to open an email, your body text has to keep them interested. Spend time on the email copy, and write with a conversational tone that’s easy for people to read. And when you throw in a few images, you can spruce up the overall appearance of your email.

A great way to gauge the effectiveness of your email’s body copy is to check the click-through rate to your website. If recipients are opening your emails, then your headline is working. But if they’re not clicking, that means they fell out of the sales funnel as they were reading. Testing new kinds of body copy can show you what works to keep customers engaged.

3. They’re relevant

If you want people to click and read your emails, they have to be relevant to that customer. You can do this best when you track individual customers as they travel through your website, allowing you to see what they read and what they do. Based on that information, you can create emails that go to customers automatically if they show specific interests on your site.

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You can also use demographics data from Google or other sources that shows a user’s probable age, gender, location, and more, which can also help you target customers. Basically, you want to use the information that’s available to you, because otherwise your emails will be marked as spam and thrown away.

4. They have goals

If you send out an email, it must have a point. If you have no goal for it, then it’s not going to work for any customer. But when you know what you want customers to do, it’ll show.

You can use emails to promote products, introduce sales, announce upcoming events, or send coupons to your loyal customers, and they’re much more likely to appreciate emails that focus on those criteria than emails that are sent without a point.

5. They’re sent at the right times

This is a very tricky aspect of effective email advertising, and the exact data will differ based on the sources that you use.

Most people don’t look at their emails on Saturdays and Sundays, which makes the weekdays the better times to send emails. With that in mind, you can experiment with your first few email blasts to see if your emails are opened more often in the morning, afternoon, or evening — and after that, you can pinpoint specific times.

The more you test and track when recipients interact with your emails, the more they’ll open your emails and even click to your website.

6. They’re compatible with mobile devices

Mobile compatibility is essential for websites and email today. If you’re going to send an email using templates, then those templates must be able to adjust to different-sized screens immediately. If they don’t, a huge portion of your recipients won’t be able to read what you sent — sometimes as many as 50%.

To fix this, make sure your email, your templates, your images, and your text are all responsive to as many screen sizes as possible. Your message must adjust to what your customer is using, or you risk isolating a massive portion of your target market. And when you isolate your customers, they’re almost sure to leave.

WebFX knows email marketing

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