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What is third party liability cover?

Third party liability insurance covers losses to a third person who is not a party to the insurance contract. The Motor Third Party Insurance covers the following losses:

* Any permanent injury/death to a person caused by your insured vehicle

* Any damage caused to the property of some other individual, by your insured vehicle

Do you cover partial theft?

We cover partial theft, as per the terms and condition of your policy. Please note that theft (both partial and complete) is covered under the policy’s own damage section.

Can I skip the 15 lakh Personal Accident cover for owner in my policy?

Yes, you can, if you do not have a valid driving license or if your vehicle is registered in the name of a corporate.

What is Road Side Assistance (RSA)?

Road Side Assistance is a cover that provides you with the necessary help in case you are stranded on the road when your car breaks down. For example, breakdown cover may include jump starting an automobile, towing a vehicle, changing a flat tyre, providing a small amount of fuel when a car runs out of it, or helping people locked out of their cars. Please refer to the policy wordings for terms and conditions.

What is Zero Depreciation (ZD) in a car insurance policy?

Usually, when you file a claim under your policy, you have to pay for the cost of depreciation of your car parts. If you opt for Zero Depreciation add on cover (by paying additional premium), we will cover all the repair/replacement costs without factoring the depreciation element.

What is covered under ZD?

The following costs are covered under ZD:

Repair and replacement costs of fiber part, rubber, batteries, air bags, nylon and plastic parts, denting, painting, and fibre glass.

Do we cover engine in ZD?

Yes, we do. However, this benefit is applicable in case of accidental damage to the engine only. In order to cover consequential losses to the engine, you can opt for the Engine Protect Plus add-on.

What is Engine Protect Plus?

It is an add-on, available by paying additional premium. It pays for repair or replacement of an engine, damaged due to water ingression/leakage of lubricating oil.

What is Key Protect cover?

This add-on cover secures your car keys and locks against theft or damage. It pays for repair or replacement of lost or damaged keys and locks, including locksmith charges. You can opt for this cover in your policy by paying a nominal additional premium.

What is Garage Cash cover?

It is an add-on, available by paying additional premium. If your car is under repair in an authorised garage after an accident, we pay a fixed daily allowance. You can use it for alternative transport. Please refer to the policy wordings for terms and conditions.

Do you cover rat bites in the policy?

Yes, we do cover as per terms and conditions.

Do you cover damage due to a hit by a coconut or cricket bat?

Yes, we do cover these damages.

What factors affect my premium amount?

* The cubic capacity of the engine

* Age of car

* Geographical zone

* Type of model

* IDV (Insured Declared Value)

What are the different modes of payment on icicilombard.com?

You can choose between any of these payment options to pay your premium online:

* Credit Card – Make secure premium payment with your VISA, Master, AMEX, RuPay or Diners Club card.

* Net banking – Transfer the premium amount online through ICICI Bank or any of the other 50+ banks.

* Debit Card – Just enter your bank’s debit card details to pay your insurance premium directly.

* UPI and e-wallets – Pay through UPI apps such as Google Pay, BHIM UPI & PhonePe, or an online wallet.

* EMI – Use the credit/debit card EMI facility to pay your premium in instalments.

Is there any discount on premium if I install an anti-theft alarm and locking system?

Yes, you can avail a 2.5% discount on Own Damage (OD) premium, subject to a maximum of ₹500. This is applicable if your vehicle is fitted with an anti-theft device approved by the Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI), Pune as per GR 28 of IMT.

Why should I notify my claim to the insurer directly?

Intimate the claim with us before going to the garage & you can get these benefits at our certified preferred garages:

1) Quick survey (within four working hours)

2) Quality assurance for repairs done under claim for six months or 6000 km, whichever is earlier

3) Complimentary vehicle body wash

4) Complimentary sanitisation – on major touch points

5) Complimentary towing at the time of the accident

How do I register my claim?

Contact our toll-free helpline or use IL Take Care app to register your claim and get a claim number/ reference number. You can also directly register your request online*, with our Lodge A Motor Claim service. *Please note that as of now, we can process only accidental damage claims through the ‘Lodge A Motor Claim’ interface.

How many times can we claim under car insurance in a year?

You can make any number of claims in the year.

What is a cashless claim and a non-cashless/reimbursement claim?

Cashless claim: Under the cashless claim facility, we pay our share of the vehicle repair charges directly to the garage, provided the vehicle is repaired in our network garage. Non-cashless/Reimbursement: If the vehicle is repaired in a garage outside our network’s purview, you will have to pay the repair charges to the garage. You can get your claim amount reimbursed by submitting the original bills and payment receipts to our office.

What is the meaning of deductible?

Deductible refers to the minimum deduction stipulated under motor insurance regulations to be deducted for each claim. This amount is deducted from the claim amount.

How many times can I claim for Roadside Assistance service during the policy period?

You can avail this service for a maximum of four times. You would be able to claim only for the services opted by you at the time of policy issuance.

Will my NCB be impacted if I claim for Loss of Personal Belongings (LOPB) & Key Protect?

No, NCB will not be impacted, in case you have only raised LOPB or Key Protect claims in the year.

What are the different types of car insurance policies?

We offer four types of car insurance policies online:

* Third party car insurance

– This policy covers legal liabilities arising out of an accident. If your car causes injuries to a third party or damages surrounding property, then this policy will cover resulting legal expenses.

* Stand-alone own-damage car insurance

– This policy covers your car against accidental damages, theft and natural/manmade disasters. To buy this insurance, you should have an active third party insurance policy of the vehicle.

* Private car package policy

This is a comprehensive car insurance policy that covers:

– Your own vehicle’s damages/theft

– Third party legal liability expenses

* Bundled policy

– This type of insurance is available in case of a new car. It includes a 3 year third party cover and one year own damage cover, bundled together in a single plan. You can opt to renew your own damage insurance on a yearly basis after the first year.

What are the risks covered by Private Car Package Insurance Policy? :

Car insurance covers damages to your own car, as well as the damages your car makes to others & surrounding property. Some of the risks it covers include fire, theft, natural calamities, explosion and self-ignition.

What is IDV (Insured Declared Value) in a car insurance policy?

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) in a car insurance policy is the maximum amount we can pay out in claims to you. It is derived as per the market value of your car, at the time of policy purchase.

Where can I get a duplicate copy of my policy?

When you buy car insurance online from us, we email the policy documents to you. In case you can’t find the original copy, you can download the car insurance certificate/policy from your email again. You can also login to the IL Take Care app to download the duplicate copy of your car insurance policy online.

I am the car’s second owner and want to book a fresh policy on my name. What is the process?

* You need to fill 29/30 form from RTO and get the acknowledgement slip to get the new policy on your name.

* You need to submit this to the insurance company along with fresh proposal form along with vehicle inspection.

I am an existing IL customer. Can I renew my policy online?

Yes, you can.

You should renew your car insurance policy before expiry of the previous policy. In case your vehicle insurance policy has already expired, our authorised surveyor would require an inspection of the car, before policy issuance. The policy would only be issued subject to satisfactory inspection and submission of required documents.

When should I renew car insurance?

Car insurance is available in annual and long-term (3 years) options. Irrespective of the policy term, you need to renew car insurance before it expires, so that there is no break in coverage. In case of a gap between expiry and renewal, you may lose out on claims and your accumulated NCB.

What do I do with my car insurance policy, if I sell my car?

You can transfer your car insurance to the new owner.

How can I transfer car insurance to the buyer of my car?

Under Section 157 (2) of the Motor Vehicles Act, the new car owners will have to apply to us within 14 days of the transfer. We shall make the necessary changes and get the policy transferred in their name.

Is my No Claim Bonus (NCB) transferable?

Yes, if you are our customer, or are switching to ICICI Lombard from any other insurance company, and have accrued some NCB from your previous insurer. You can get the same transferred if you renew car insurance within 90 days after expiry (subject to no claim). The same applies if you are switching from ICICI Lombard to other insurance company.

I have bought a new car and want to transfer my old car’s NCB (from another insurer) on to the new policy (ICICI Lombard). What will be the process?

* Get NCB reserving letter of your old car from the previous insurance company.

* After this, you can book your new car’s fresh policy, with NCB benefit, through ICICI Lombard.

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