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This Is Email Marketing: A Free How To Use Guide!

Are you currently studying email marketing? You came to the right place because ...

What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is a marketing strategy that uses email as its main medium, as the name implies.

So what is email marketing = broadcast email to everyone? Of course not, to get optimal results we have to do various tactics on email marketing.

Starting from finding the email address of our potential target market, making email segmentation, creating emails that have results and the like.

In this article I will discuss the basics of email marketing along with early examples of using email marketing for a business or your project persona, for example a personal blog.

Why is Email marketing important?

I asked, are you perhaps married to someone you met for the first time and do not know him at all? I don't think so.

It's an anecdote that is often used to explain why email marketing is important, the essence of email marketing is to build a good relationship with prospective customers or to customers.

The marketing funnel is a term that describes this concept more clearly. In short, the marketing funnel divides the stages of a consumer from just “nge'eh” (aware) to recommending our products to others.

Then where is the role of email marketing? the role of email marketing is to turn people who are already interested in our products into customers. Why is that already interested? because only those who are already interested in our product are willing to provide their email data.

In addition to making people who are already interested in becoming customers, email marketing also functions to build better relationships with our existing customers. As a businessman we definitely want someone to buy something from us many times, regardless of the product. From food to services.

That's why building solid email marketing can make your business thrive and survive.

How To Do Email Marketing

To be able to do email marketing you must understand the whole process, the image below will give you a brief overview.

  • From the picture above we know that the initial stage when creating an email marketing, we must have the tools first. In this article I will review one email marketing tool that I use in a basic (not detailed) manner.
  • Now that we have the tools, the next step is to get people to give us their email addresses. You can create landing pages / materials and the like so that someone wants to provide email data to us.
  • After gaining trust, we will get an email from that visitor. From here we can process it and then create an email marketing campaign.
  • You can do this email campaign depending on your needs, back to the discussion above, you can use it for potential customers or increase sales to previous customers.
  • After you do the campaign, you can see how it goes. Is it working? Is it far from hope? You need to evaluate email marketing campaigns for future campaigns.

More or less like that the rough stages of email marketing. Maybe you now have an idea about the stages of email marketing.

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